Tuesday, 21 May 2019

If lined up, all the money Jeff Bozes has can circle the earth couple times


Jeff BozesJeff Bozes - How rich Jeff Bezos is. Reportedly, if all the money he has, lined down on the ground, the money will be able to circle the Earth hundreds of times, back and forth from the Earth to moon a dozen times, before finally returning around the Earth several times.

Famous astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, having a unique perspective in viewing the wealth of the Amazon CEO. Tyson calculates what happens if the money of the richest man in the world is spread out in space.

According to astrophysicists from the United States, the expanse of money made by Bezos enough to circle the Earth 200 times, as written in Twitter via his Twitter account.

After circling the Blue Planet we all inhabit is as much as 200 times, the money is able to go back and forth from Earth to Moon up to 15 times. Then, with the remaining 'little' sheets, Bezos's wealth is still enough to circle the Earth again eight times.

For additional information, although Tyson did not mention about the banknotes that he used for comparison, the length of the US dollar bill was 6.14 inch, or about 15.59 cm. Meanwhile, the circumference of Earth is 40,075 km, while the average distance between Earth and the Moon is in the range of 383,023 km.

If calculated, the total length of the US dollar Bezos has can reach 19.8 million kilometers. With that number, these money are able to circle the Earth almost 500 times, and back and forth Earth-Moon for 51 times.

It is certainly not surprising to see the wealth of the world's largest e-commerce boss. Based on data from Bloomberg, Bezos property is currently at USD 133 billion, equivalent to IDR 1.863 trillion.


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