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The visit of States Company Newspaper from Riau with program Riau Greets the World came to Bangkok


The visit of States Company Newspaper from Riau with program Riau Greets the World came to BangkokThe visit of States Company Newspaper from Riau with program Riau Greets the World came to Bangkok - Entourage of States Company Newspaper (SPS) of Riau arrived in Bangkok, Thailand on Monday evening, April 17 2017.

Arriving at Dong Mueang airport, the delegation welcomed by the agent travel, and went straight to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (Embassy) in Bangkok to have dinner that hosted by the Ambassador in Bangkok, Dr Ahmad Rusdi.

The group of the Ambassador have a dinner along with a menu mix, typical of Indonesia and Thailand. The atmosphere was warm. The discussion about the development of tourism in Riau and Indonesia in general, and using Indonesian and Malay-speaking, because the group can also speak Malay.

Relaxed but full of meaning. This was happened when Dr Ahmad Rusdi give a speech. He admitted, that he very pleased to meet with the SPS from Riau. Moreover, he said, at the Embassy in Bangkok there is also a graduate of the University of Riau from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Agustaviano Sofyan.

Rusdi explained, in terms of developing tourism must get support from the government.
"Everything is backed and supported. What developed by the government to support the community. So many creative industries are growing. So, the economic society could be better," said Rusdi.

He also told that education cost is affordable in Bangkok. "Over 800 Indonesian students studying in Bangkok. Generally, the cost of education here is cheaper, "said Rusdi.

Therefore, Rusdi was pleased to meet with the leaders of the media in Riau. He also hopes that this relationship can continue, and if there is information from both parties can sharing.

Meanwhile, The chairman of SPS, Zulmansyah Sekedang give his speech too. He was expressed gratitude for the welcome given by the Ambassador in Bangkok.

"According to the story of Mr. Ambassador (Ahmad Rusdi, red) as the host, he also tell that President Jokowi also in this room. And now we are here. We feel very happy and honored," said Zulmansyah after have the dinner.

And Zulmansyah who also the Director of Riau Pos said, that the leader of media came to Bangkok is to learn.
According to him, since last year the Governor of Riau has launched tagline 'Riau Greets World' to promote the tourism of Riau.

Therefore, they goes to Bangkok to get more knowledge and experience that they can be divided to Riau Government to make tourism in Riau more developed. In the end of the meeting, was conducted the exchange of souvenirs.

Zulmansyah provide a trophy and Mr Rusdi give a gift as the picture of an eagle. And the leaders of the media and staff of the Embassy Bangkok take some photos together and shake hand.


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