Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Children of the bombers and victims should be rehabilitated


Police officer save the children of BomberPolice officer save the children of Bomber - Member of Commission X of the House of Representatives, Ledia Hanifa Amaliah admitted sad to see children become victim of radical understanding that is taught his parents. Children living in radical environments need special rehabilitation.

According to Ledia, separating these children from their parents is not a solution. Precisely this will cause a sense of hatred and resentment. The solution is immediately rehabilitated.

"In the Child Protection Law article 59, there is a special protection clause, including children who are stigmatized because of their parents, they are entitled to psychic, social and physical rehabilitation," Ledia told on Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

Ledia said the Ministry of Social Affairs has a duty to rehabilitate the psychic, social, and physical children of the perpetrators of this terrorism. "While this is a message to the Ministry of Social Affairs with its social workers, there is a directorate of child rehabilitation under the Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation," he concluded.

Minister for Women Empowerment and Child Protection Yohana Yembise said the children who are victims of bombings will be given social rehabilitation, including children of bombers.

"All Indonesian citizens will be the country's attention, for which they will be given social rehabilitation as well as healing for their trauma," said Yohana.

In the prevention of radicalization, the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (PPA) maintains coordination with related institutions such as the National Agency for Combating Terrorism (BNPT) and the Police.

She also appealed to parents to explain to children about terrorism so they can avoid the invitation or teaching of such radicalism.***





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