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Palestinian people killed in Israeli military shot, PM Netanyahu claimed to defend his country


Palestinians got shot in the demonstrationPalestinians got shot in the demonstration - Wednesday, May 15th, 2018, reportedly as many as 55 people were killed and 2,700 injured during the peak of Palestinian action on the Gaza border. The clashes were considered as the deadliest in Gaza since the war in 2014.

The leader of the Palestinian National Authority denounces what he called "massacre"; while the UN told as "excessive human rights abuses".

While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his troops acted to defend themselves from Islamist groups controlling Gaza, Hamas. He said the group intended to destroy Israel.

Violence coincided with the official opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem, on Monday, May 14th 2018.

The inauguration sparked outrage to Palestinians as seen as US support for Israeli occupation of the entire city of Jerusalem, which the eastern part claimed Palestine as its territory and planned to become the capital of a future Palestinian state.

Israel also welcomed the 70-year-old of independency of Israel, established on May 15th, 1948 by which the Palestinian people are actually considered the day of calamity, Nakba.

Palestinians have rallied for six weeks, as part of a protest called "Great Parade to Return home". The protest was led by Hamas.

However, Monday's protest - and planned on Tuesday - was the climax, marking the day of Israel's establishment in 1948 and what the Palestinians call Nakba or Nightmare. The term referred to the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who fled or were driven from their homes in the ensuing war.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sat next to President Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka, during the inauguration of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

The Israeli military said 40,000 Palestinians participated in 'violent riots' in 13 locations along the border fence in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinians throwed stones and burners while the Israeli military throwed tear gas and mobilizes snipers.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended his military action, saying: "Every country has an obligation to protect its borders.

"The Hamas terrorist organization declared its intention to destroy Israel and send thousands of people to break through the barrier to achieve this goal and we will continue to act with determination to protect our sovereignty and our people.” Said Netanyahu.


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