Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Pekanbaru is under attack, Polda Riau is the target, 1 person killed


Polda is under attackPolda is under attack - The people of Pekanbaru City are shocked by the sound of gunfire that took place in front of Polda Riau on Wednesday, May 16th, 2018 at around 09.00 am local time.

As reported by Riau1.comm, The attack was allegedly from terrorists. In the shootout one was killed. But it is not known which side.

Journalists have not been able to confirm from the Riau Police whether the attack was from suspected terrorists or from ordinary criminal cases.

Currently there are alleged acts of terror attacking Riau Police. Panic ambiance around the road in Riau Police, Sudirman street, Pekanbaru.

Even the citizens who cross the road also had run away from the Polda Riau Police office.

Currently, roads around the Riau Police, which is in Gajah Mada and Sudirman road has been sterilized.


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