Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Situation is gripping around Polda Riau, 2 attackers had been shot dead


Polda RIauPolda RIau - The situation is still gripping around Polda Riau, recently got attacked by a group of unknown people around 9 am local time, on Wednesday, May 16th 2018.

A group of unknown people attacked by crashing their vehicle, which is White Avanza to the gate of Polda Riau, which resulted the gatekeeper officers and several people around him suffering severe injuries.

After successfully breaking through the gates of the Riau Police, a group of people entered the Riau Police headquarters with Samurai as their weapon.

It is known that the number of people who attacked Riau Police headquarters amounted to 5 people.

There were several shots fired to the attackers.

From sources received at least 2 of the perpetrators were killed from the shootings.


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