Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

4 suspected terrorits and 1 police officer died, several people wounded because of the attack at Riau Police Headquarter


Riau Police HeadquarterRiau Police Headquarter - The Attack occured in Pekanbaru allegedly from a group of terrorists who attacked Riau Police Headquarters At 09.00 am local time, on Wednesday, May 16th, 2018.

Suspected terrorists attacked by breaking the Riau Police Headquarters by crashing their vehicle their used to the fence of the Riau Police Headquarters and broke into the Mapolda Riau

With sharp weapons, samurai, suspected terrorists attacked to Riau Police Headquarters, and with a sprightly action, Police responded by shooting at suspected terrorists.

From the shooting action, it was reported that 4 of the terrorist members died on the spot and several police officers were wounded.

The remain of the allegedly terrorist who were alone trying to escape from Riau Police Headquarters by using a vehicle, and had hit a policeman and several journalists.

Unfortunately, the police officer died because of that.

From the information received, the escaped terrorist has been successfully captured by the Pekanbaru City police.  



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