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Viewed from the spiritual world, this is the reason of children get smallpox


IllustrationIllustration - Not only Muslims, but also other people believe in the world other than the world we live in. This is called the supernatural world. For Muslims it is written in the Qur'an in Surah Al-Baqoroh Verse 3 which means: Those who believe in the Unseen, perform the Prayer, and remind some of the sustenance we give them.

The conclusion of the verse is that Muslims are especially obliged to believe in the 6 pillars of faith, because in it is the spiritual thing that not all can be logic with human reason.

It is also concluded that jinns, demons, devils and their compatriots are something that can not be seen by human beings. Because it is in a different dimension.

As an example that can be taken is about a small child who almost all got smallpox. If viewed from the medical science, this smallpox comes from the virus.

However, when viewed from the standpoint of the spiritual world, the virus comes from a jinn-shaped astral creature whose face is very bad (resembling an old granny). As long as the child is sick, the red-shaped creature is still liking and following the child who is infected with smallpox.

Therefore we as parents, should always be aware of the condition of our children. An example of a trustworthy attitude is not to bring out a child in the time leading up to the dusk, because that time jinns and demons roam around and their energies are very strong. What the consequences if still reckless go out, the night would be fussy and accompanied by cry without stopping.

Toddlers especially under the age of two years are fragrant do astral beings, so very reasonable the jin is very happy to follow even played with toddler.

So, what solution should be done.

First, Always get closer to the Almighty is very important, carry out all the orders.

Second, when from the outside it sunnah to take ablution water before we touch our baby, with ablution of astral beings will immediately away from us.

Third, multiply the read of Al-Qur'an especially in the room where our children and families gather, especially reading the last verse of the surah Al-baqoroh. And

Fourth, Keep the red objects in your room like Bed sheets, clothes, and so on. Why should it be kept away? Because the creature is very fond of the red color, more over for people whose having a toddler.


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