Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

The threat of bombs suddenly horrendous cyberspace spread through facebook


The statusThe status - Until now the grief of bombing terror that occurred in Surabaya still can not be lost from the mind. Some time ago, disturbed by the threat posted by someone in social media Facebook, on Monday, May 14th 2018, which claimed that he will commit terror bombs in 3 churches in North Sumatra.

As a result of the posting, Pdt P Nainggolan STh had been reported to the Police of Percut Seituan at 16.00 local time.

Pastor who served in Pentakosta Church Tembung, Medan Tembung-Batangkuis street, Kapuk alley, Percut Seituan Subdistrict, Deli Serdang District said that the threat came from the owner of the Facebook account of Cintaiaq, which is containing:

The list of Churches I want to bomb

- Pentacosta Tembung.

- St. Maria Marelan Catholic.

- HKBP Tarutung.

Chief of Police Sub-precinct, Faidir Zikri SH SIK immediately suggested to make a complaint report to Polrestabes Medan, because the threat of bomb is the main attention of Kapolrestabes Medan.

He was accompanied by members of Intel from Police Percut Seituan on behalf of Bripka Dodi E Sihombing to Unit Reskrim of Polrestabes Medan.

At around 4:30 pm local time, Pdt P Nainggolan and witnesses and members of the congregation of 4 people accompanied by members of Intel Police Station Percut Seituan arrived at Mako Polrestabes Medan to make a report on the complaints of terror bombing in Kanit SPKT C team received by Iptu A Simbolon.

Described in his report that the youth of the Pentecostal Church at the name of Saut Simatupang, 23 year-old, a resident of Sidomulyo street, Pasar 9, Bandar Klippa Village, Percut Seituan Subdistrict, knew of a bomb threat to his church through the social media network Facebook.

The man who has the status of student met Pdt P Nainggolan STh to convey the threat of terror.

Furthermore, Pdt P Nainggolan STh follow up the information by visiting the Percit Seituan Police Station and then directed to Polrestabes Medan.

Not long after that, Kapolrestabes Medan directly assigned personnel of Criminal Investigation Unit and Police Chief of Police Percat Seituan to check the location of the threat of bombing terror. Then, carried out an active monitoring of the 10 pm local time, worship service that the Pentecostal Church will perform.


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