Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

Tragic, a rich and beautiful student in Bristol died from a seizure caused by cocaine and drugs


Lucy WhiteLucy White -  Lucy White, a beautiful and rich student in Britol, suddenly died from a seizure caused by a cocktail of cocaine and prescription drugs. 

At that time, White collapsed at her home in Bristol as her boyfriend, Ian O’Donoghue  cooked dinner and she was rushed to intensive care.

The family of the 24-year-old’s woman were first told she would be severely brain damaged, then that she was brain stem dead. Within four days, she had died. 

The student of University of the West of England had previously volunteered with the Bristol Drugs Project to help addicts to get clean, and she was looking forward to getting her degree this summer.

But according to Stacey, her young sister said that she fell in with the wrong crowd and ended up dabbling in drugs herself, leading to her dropping out of university and losing contact with many friends and family. 

From an information, doctors told to Stacey that Lucy had taken cocaine and powerful prescription drug pregabalin when she suffered a seizure on May 3 2018.

And after she used that cocaine, she collapsed and boyfriend called an ambulance and started CPR, but her brain was starved of oxygen for more than 40 minutes. 

Lucy being kept alive with wires and tubes at Bristol’s Southmead Hospital in the days before she died. Lucy began taking drugs in the summer of 2017.  Despite the drugs in her system, it was decided Lucy could to give her liver, kidneys and pancreas to help others live.



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