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ACT Riau prepares 200 packages to share with the dhuafa


IllustrationIllustration - After more than a year in Riau Province, since March 3rd, 2017, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has provided many aid channels from donors in Riau.

ACT is currently in Indonesia already has representation in 14 provinces in Indonesia and 1 representative in Turkey.

The purpose of the establishment of ACT is as a means to channel directly infaq, waqf, zakat, alms, and others to the less fortunate, like victims of natural disasters, social disaster, orphans, elderly and dhuafa in Indonesia and outside Indonesia.

In addition ACT has also succeeded in providing wells in areas in need. "For the province of Riau, Alhamdulillah thanks to the mutual assistance of the accumulated funds have successfully made a wells in Panipahan Rokan Hilir, Meranti District, and Aqit area which is currently under construction, in order to be consumed and beneficial to our friends in Aqit" said Othman Razali as the leader of Aksi Cepat Tanggap Riau representative on Monday, May 14th 2018.

He mentioned that the regular donors who have been supporting the humanitarian activities that ACT carried out are from Indonesia and also come from Turkey.

"From several accounts of ACT has not been collected by local Pekanbaru, but collected in the center, namely Jakarta. Later after reports submitted ACT representatives then the funds down to the representatives to be used properly" said Othman.

"Until now the channel of assistance provided is always on target, both in Indonesia and to the friends in Syria, Palestine, Rohingya, and others" he said.

Forms of assistance provided not only in the form of money, but in accordance with what is needed local area, for example, there is a need food, raw materials, clothing, or other forms.

"Especially in Ramadan 1439 Hijriyah this time, God willing, ACT will hold simultaneously throughout Indonesia with the theme of giving the best Ramadan" Othman said.

"In this case not only in terms of charity, but also how we can come together." If last year our target is the elderly, but this year our targets are the duafa, the construction of mosques, schools, and also water wells" he said.

"Starting from the beginning of Ramadhan to 25th Ramadhan later, there are as many as 200 packages that we prepare every day during Ramadan in 25 points in Pekanbaru.The area includes Tenayan Raya, Meranti Pandak, Payung Sekaki, Sumilang village, and others. " he explained.

"The type of package has not been able to details from the center, it's just that the contents of the package is for breaking the fast" he said.

"God willing, with the theme 'give the best Ramadan', ACT can share with Muslim friends in Pekanbaru and Riau Province" he hoped.

Please note that ACT Riau is located at HR Soebrantas street, Panam Raya Permai building, no 84 C, Pekanbaru, Riau. Tel. 0761-6702240, Wa / sms center 0852-1000-1191. For partnership, call : Rahman 0852-7433-2690, Mimi 0813-6506-0799, Wahyu 0821-7161-3582.

As for the donation channel through account: BNI Syariah 6660000448, Bank Syariah Mandiri 6666777768 on behalf of Yayasan Aksi Cepat Tanggap.

The head office is located at Tower 165 Office Tower 11th floor, TB Simatupang street Kav.1, East  Cilandak, South Jakarta 12560 Indonesia, telp. + 6221-2940 6565, fax. + 6221-2940 6564

"For information about ACT, can be viewed through the website at, and also facebook: AksiCepatTanggap, and also Instagram and Twitter account at @ACTforHumanity" he concluded.


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