Friday, 22 Mar 2019

Ahead of the World Cup, thousands of stray animals are being slaughtered in Russia


Stray dogs and cats were slaughteredStray dogs and cats were slaughtered -  Ahead of the World Cup in Russia, thousands of stray animals are being slaughtered by firms hired in million pound deals.

From a new report claims, the Russian government has taken out contracts to ‘catch’ the animal ahead of the 2018 football tournament there.

According to The Telegraph, It was known after one man in Sochi found a dart, close to a dead dog in the road in Sochi. Not only that, the residents also seeing men with blowguns hunting kittens and puppies. 

And according to the Telegraph’s report too, documents published on the state procurement website show the city of Sochi has contracted the Basya Service firm to ‘catch’ 3,501 unsupervised animals this year. 

And thousands of animals will be killed by city contractors in the lead up to the games.

A resident, Vachagan Emeksuzyan, 30 years old told as quoted from Metro, "It’s really sad that they’re solving the problem in such a brutal way when there are other methods that are cheaper and more humane."

In January, activist Ekaterina Dmitrieva, director of the City Animal Protection Foundation, discovered deals worth £1.4 million to catch the stray animals in World Cup cities. 

And more than 240,000 people have signed a petition against the ‘mass killing of animals’ in the city of Volgograd. 

Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko ordered host cities to open temporary animal shelters for the  two million stray dogs in Russia.  

The same mass slaughter of stray animals was seen during the 2014 Olympics.

A state veterinarian service certificate, included in the documents, allegedly confirmed to delivered 52 dog carcasses for ‘destruction’ on March 14. The company was given £17 per head for 201 stray animals in February and March.


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