Wanted to marry his girlfriend, a young man’s eyes were gouged out by his family in Pakistan


Abdul BaqiAbdul Baqi -  Tragic, just wanted to marry with a woman of his choice, a young man got violence from his family.

That poor man named Abdul Baqi, 22 years old from Nasirabad village in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, must lost his eyes. His family decided to gouged out his eyes. And it were allegedly just because he wanted to marry with his girlfriend.

Before, he told his family about his intentions to marry his girlfriend and asked them to take an engagement proposal to her house. 

"My father agreed first."

But, three hours later, his 70-year-old father Dost Muhammmad and four brothers named Abdul Ghani, Abdul Sattar, Abdul Rehman and Abdul Karim, allegedly held him in a room and gouged his eyes out of their sockets. 

"I was taken to a room by my father and four brothers where they tied me to a bed and started taking out my eyes. I kept shouting at them what were they doing? But they didn’t listen to my pleas."

Baqi said his father used the back of a spoon to take out his first eye, before taking out a knife to cut out the veins. Despite his cries to leave him alone, but they took out his other eye. After they finished, they replied they want Baqi be an example for other boys in the village. 

And they also locked his mother in another room so that she could not intervene and save Baqi.

After, he got violence, he was rushed to Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre in Karachi by his other siblings, where doctors told him he would never see the world again.

His another brother Abdul Gaffar, 24 years old said, "I was not at home when the incident happened. I received a call from my neighbour that something is wrong at your home. I immediately rushed home and I was shocked to see my brother crying in pain."

And after they made a report, police arrested Baqi’s father and two brothers, and are searching for his other two brothers.





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