Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Honda Spacy production is stopped, as confirmed from AHM


Honda SpacyHonda Spacy - This shocking rumor has actually has been heared since April 2018 from PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM). But it's just an issue. Apparently the outbreaking issue was mentioned directly by the Director of Marketing of AHM on Monday, May 14th 2018.

Marketing Director of AHM, Thomas Wijaya on Monday, May 14th 2018, said, "Yes, as per April 2018, AHM has begun the termination of Honda Spacy's production in Indonesia" Quoted from

Thomas said that this decision was based on adjustments to the development trend and demand for consumer needs. This became one of the reasons Honda Spacy "lethal injection" to its production.

"Actually, this rumor has been circulating since the beginning of 2018. Even from the data of Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), in 2016 the sale of Spacy scooter matic reached 6,170 units" he said.

"In 2017 the number was quite satisfactory although slightly decreased which was 5,042 units, but in 2018, the sales figure is quite sadden that only 3 units" he said again.

Honda Spacy is considered far less superior than the scooter Honda 110 cc models, which are Scoopy, Beat and Vario 110. With the discontinuation of Honda Spacy's production, there is a possibility Honda will distriibute the new product as a replacement.


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