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New airline, from and to Pekanbaru with the cheapest fares


Scoot airlineScoot airline - Flights with departure from and to Pekanbaru will start effective on June 4th, 2018. Flight using the Airbus A320 aircraft carried by Scoot Airlines.

CEO of Scoot, Lee Lik Hsin in an official written statement, said, "Indonesia has many beautiful locations and Pekanbaru is one of them. As the capital of Riau Province and economic center on the eastern island of Sumatra, Pekanbaru will strengthen our network in Indonesia, and tourists. "

Flights from Pekanbaru, travelers can connect directly to 61 Scoot destinations around the world by transit on Singapore. The travelers from Indonesia especially Pekanbaru can also choose which destinations they will visit. As well as to Saudi Arabia, Australia, China, India, Greece, United States, and Germany.

In addition it also mentioned a flight to Jeddah via Singapore which can also be used by Umrah pilgrims in Indonesia. Scoot flights to Jeddah are operated by Boeing 787 aircraft.

These Pekanbaru-Singapore flight path is the newest flight path from Scoot flight. With a flight of eight times a week.

To celebrate the launch of the new Pekanbaru-Singapore route, from now until May 25th, 2018, Scoot Airlines offers one-way promo in economy class at IDR 159,000

In addition, promos will also be applied for flights from Pekanbaru to various destinations, such as Bangkok, Sydney, Osaka, Jeddah, Athens, and Berlin.

Other promos also offered by Scoot with travel period starting from October 27th, 2018, which are:

Economy Fly Fare

1. Pekanbaru - Singapore IDR 159,000

2. Pekanbaru - Bangkok IDR 529,000

3. Pekanbaru - Phuket IDR 559.000

4. Pekanbaru - Hong Kong IDR 999,000

5. Pekanbaru - Guangzhou IDR 999,000

6. Pekanbaru - Macau IDR 1.399.000

7. Pekanbaru - Hangzhou IDR 1.629.000

8. Pekanbaru - Harbin IDR 1.899.000

9. Pekanbaru - Manila IDR 999,000

10. Pekanbaru - Mellborne IDR 1.529.000

11. Pekanbaru - Gold Coast IDR 1.299.000

12. Pekanbaru - Perth IDR 1.199.000

13. Pekanbaru - Sydney IDR 1.529.000

14. Pekanbaru - Hanoi IDR 789,000

15. Pekanbaru - Ho Chi Minh IDR 659,000

16. Pekanbaru - Taipei IDR 1.329.000

17. Pekanbaru - Osaka IDR 1.999.000

18. Pekanbaru - Tokyo IDR 1.999.000

19. Pekanbaru - Sapporo Hokkaido IDR 1,999,000

20. Pekanbaru - Athens IDR 2,099,000

21. Pekanbaru - Berlin IDR 2,299,000


Economy FlyBagEat Fare

1. Pekanbaru - Jeddah IDR 3.990.000


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