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Indonesia debt on the first quarter of 2018 reaching IDR 5 trillion


IllustrationIllustration - Bank Indonesia (BI) today released Indonesia's foreign debt (ULN) data at the end of the first quarter of 2018. The first quarter of ULN was USD 358.7 billion, or equivalent to IDR 5,021 trillion (exchange rate of IDR 14,000/USD) which is the combination of government and private debts.

This amount consists of government debt and central bank amounting to IDR 184.7 billion or around IDR 2.585 trillion. And private debt was recorded at IDR 174 billion or IDR 2,436 trillion.

From the official statement of BI quoted on Tuesday, May 15th 2018, mentioned, "the number of ULN grew 8.7 percent slower compared to 10.4 percent in the previous quarter. Because of the government and private debt lower than the previous quarter "

Meanwhile, based on the period, Indonesia’s ULN at the end of the first quarter of 2018 remained dominated by long-term external debt, which was 86.1 percent of total ULN.

In the first quarter of 2018, Bank Indonesia (BI) announced that the debt consisted of government debt and BI amounting to USD 184.68 billion or equivalent to IDR 2.585 trillion. This is an increase of 11.04 percent compared to March 2017 which recorded at USD 166.31 billion.

On the other hand, private sector debt is slower than the BI-government debt. Private Foreign Debt in March 2018 was recorded at USD 174.05 billion, an increase of 6.3 percent from the first quarter of 2017 which was USD 163.73 billion. ULN at the end of the first quarter of 2018 is slower than the growth in the fourth quarter of 2017 which reached 10.4 percent

BI and the government continue to monitor the progress of ULN over time to optimize the role of ULN to support development financing without causing any risk that could affect the stability of the country’s economy.



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