Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Keyless system in the vehicles killed as many as 28 people in America


IllustrationIllustration - This latest feature usually can be found on the units of the latest cars. Its use provides ease in starting vehicle without the ignition.

This latest modern technology is called the Keyless System. And in Indonesia, the implementation of this feature is widely applied to manufacturers of the latest cars and motorcycle.

But, behind the ease of use on this feature, there are dangers that can threaten the safety of the owners. This technology has a bad impact for its users.

For examples, that resulted in keyless system features is recorded to date there are as many as 28 people who died in the United States. Death caused by keyless system is caused by poisoning.

Lantad, asked about what the relationship between keyless system with poisoning. Keyless system that offers 'the simplicity', it also often make the rider so negligent.

Because the keyless system that eliminates the key functions, many often forget to turn off the car when the car has been entered into the garage. Especially now when the cars also have a quite machine. The result, obviously home become polluted by carbon monoxide gas that continues to come out as a result of combustion of car engine.

As reported by TheNewYorkTimes, a person named Michael Sobik is one who still was lucky enough to get away from this danger. At that time Sobik woke up from his sleep and smelled the smoke in his house. Instantly he was immediately nauseous and breathless and trying to get out of his house. He also found his wife unable to get out of bed for gas poisoning, until he was forced to drag her out. "I could not breathe" Sobik's wife said.






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