Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

These are the combination of bold colors to make you more attractive


IllustrationIllustration - We have to think carefully when following a fashion trend. It can be unsuitable for us. Right now, one of the famous fashion trends is wearing two clashing colors. It can make you look great, but if done wrong, it can end in a fashion disaster. If you are still confused of what colors should be combined, there are suggestions of color combinations that you may want to try.

1.       Red and Pink

The combination of red and pink color will make you look more attractive. The two colors have become fashion trends in 2018. The pink color will soften the bold red color.

2.       Purple and Yellow

In order to soften a bold and eye-catching color, such as purple, you need to add a pastel color. For example, when wearing a purple top, try to combine it with a pastel yellow pants.

3.       Orange and Red

Who says that two bold colors cannot be combined? You can combine orange and red and still look attractive. If you are the type to like wearing bright colors, you may add accessories with similar colors.

4.       Camel Brown and Shocking Pink

If you are not bold enough to wear bold colors then you may want to try this combination. You can combine camel brown color with shocking pink color. The combination of two neutral but bright colors can make you look simple but nice.


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