Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

The benefit of white fiber in banana to our body


IllustrationIllustration - When you peel a banana, you usually find fibers that look like white threads sticking from the skin to the flesh. People usually throw it away before eating the banana because the taste can be bitter and weird so no one will want to eat it with the banana.

Do you know that those fibers are not part of the banana itself? They are vessels used to transport food to the bananas. Its scientific name is phloem. Without it, there will be no flesh of the banana that we eat.

Not only it functions for forming banana flesh, it is also nutritious for us to eat. The fibers can help make our digestion system healthier.

The phloem vessels will only be beneficial if we eat them with the banana. If we eat them separately, the nutrition absorption from phloem vessels will not be maximal compared to when they are eaten with the flesh of the fruit.

From now on, it is suggested for you to eat these fibers along with banana instead of throwing them away.


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