Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Unique, There is a Minister of loneliness in England


Tracey CrouchTracey Crouch

One of English ministers, Tracey Crouch, a parliament member in Ministry of Sport and Civil Society has just gotten a new job. As cited from The Guardian, Crouch was appointed as the first Minister of Loneliness in the world on January 2018. She will be responsible in dealing with depression and health problems caused by loneliness.

The decision to make a “Minister of Loneliness” was taken due to report from Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness in 2017. The report said that more than 9 million people in Britain were feeling lonely. The data shows that poor people, unemployed people, disabled people and migrants are the ones most at risk.

Young people also tend to feel lonely. According to Office for National Statistics (ONS), British people aged 16 – 24 tend to feel lonely more than those aged 65 – 74. Furthermore, due to technology development and internet, many young people like to isolate themselves from their environment and are busy with their gadgets more than interacting outside their home.

“Loneliness is a sad reality in modern world, such as now,” Crouch said.


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