Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

As much as 4050 tonnes of leftovers are thrown away in a day in Indonesia


IllustrationIllustration - During fasting month, people will bring out various foods to begin fasting or end fasting. There rice, sweets, desserts and many kinds of drink. But do these foods and drinks are eaten or drank entirely? Sadly, in reality, no.

This is Indonesian people’s bad habit which is wasting food. All those leftover foods will become trash. Annisa Paramitha, the representative of Waste4change, an environmental organization, recorded that there are around 7500 tones of trash thrown away every day and 4050 tones of it are food and drink leftovers.

“As much as 65 percent of it is domestic trash and some of them come from restaurants as well,” she said, when asked in Kasablanka, Jakarta, Tuesday, May 15th 2018.

Following this case, the producer of ulcer medicine, Mylanta, creates a campaign movement called “Wise eating.” It encourages people to eat food more wisely. Mylanta’s assistant brand manager, Dinda Parameswari, said that there are many leftovers in restaurant because many people are too embarrassed to bring home their leftovers.

“The problem is, the food is sometimes not finished or there is still some left, and they are embarrassed to take it home although the food can still be eaten,” she said.

As their first step in the campaign, Mylanta gave a small box to put leftovers in. Customers can also get the box from some eateries that has cooperated with them, such as Eat & Eat.

“Here, customers can take a box to bring the leftover foods home. Other than the fact that it can decrease the trash, eating wisely is also good for you stomach’s health,” she added.


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