Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

The benefits of sitting in straight position


IllustrationIllustration - Sitting in straight position is good for your body’s posture. However, that is not the only benefit of sitting straight. Aside from maintaining body posture, here are the benefits of sitting in straight position.

1.       It can reduce stress

A study done by The University of Auckland found that sitting with straight position can reduce stress. Participants were asked to fill in questionnaires with questions that can affect your mood, dignity and passion. As the research started, the participants were asked randomly to sit in different positions. One group was asked to sit straight while the other group was asked to sit in slouching position. The result was that people with straight position feel more dignified, enthusiastic, energetic and strong. Meanwhile, the people with slouching position feel more frightened, sensitive, anxious, passive, slow and sleepy. The researchers concluded that this was because there was a rise in physiological passion like the rise in blood pressure that can help responding to fight against stress.

2.       It can make breathing better

Many people unconsciously sit with the head and back bend over the table during work. Unfortunately, not many people know that it can affect their breathing. Sitting in that position will hinder oxygen from going to your nerve system and organs, which then will affect their work. If you are having a job interview, try to do this. Sit straight in your seat and take a deep breath. It will help loosen the muscles in your throat and make your voice sound lower. Studies found that people with lower voices have the better chance in becoming a leader.

3.       It can make you more energetic and optimistic

Doctor Erik Peper, a holistic health professor from San Francisco State University, has been researching about how body posture can affect our mood, give us energy and even fight depression. He measured the level of optimism, energy and mood on students that were asked to walk with bowed position or walk with a skip. It was found that people that walked with a skip in their steps had higher energy and low depression level more than those who walked with bowed position. The same thing happens when we sit, as was found by University of Auckland.

4.       It can rise concentration

Do you know that a human needs at least 100 billions of neurons to keep working? This is why our brain needs oxygen intake for around 20% to stay in prime condition. The more oxygen we get by sitting straight, the more concentrated and focused we will be.

5.       It can rise up the confidence

When you walk into the room, your posture mirrors your personality. If you walk in straight position, then you are a confident person. When we sit, our position can also signal to other people our personality. People who sit straight give off the feeling of assertiveness.

6.       It can prevents back pain

In many cases, what causes pain on your back, waist and neck is wrong sitting position. If you work in front of computer every day, then you should adjust the position of your eyes and the computer screen. Sitting in straight position prevents back pain and keep our back in the right position.


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