Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

A 300-year-old blue diamond was sold as much as IDR 94,1 billion in just 4 minutes


The 300 year-old diamondThe 300 year-old diamond - A rare blue diamond in the European kingdom environment was sold in only 4 minutes during an auction in Geneva on Tuesday, May 15th 2018. The Farnese Blue Diamond, which was said to be 300 years old, was sold for USD 6,7 million or equivalent to IDR 94,1 billion.

This diamond was sold through auction site Sotheby.  What makes it even more special other than its old age is that it had once been a wedding gift for Elizabeth Farnese, the daughter of Duke of Parma, who married Philipp V from Spain in 1715.

The diamond was passed from one generation to another. It changed locations, from Spain, to French, to Italy, and to Austria. The diamond was known to come from Golconda mine in India and has the level of 6,1 carat.

Although it is very expensive, this diamond was sold out very quickly. In only 4 minutes after it was displayed in the Southeby, it was sold. The price they got also exceeded expectation. They had expected the diamond to cost around USD 3,5 million.

The diamond becomes more special as it was revealed that it had been a part of the tiara worn by Queen of French, Marie Antoinette. It had also been worn as a part of royal accessories. The diamond had been displayed in London, New York, Singapore and Taipei, before finally being sold out in the auction.

Sotheby’s gemstone specialist, Daniela Mascetti said the Farnese Blue Diamond is a great gem and was designed so well. Even in its old age, it is in good condition.

Until now, the identity of the buyer is still unknown. However, whoever he or she is, they must be rich for being able to buy such a precious gem.


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