Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

5,1 richter scale earthquake shook Klungkung, Bali


earthquake shook Baliearthquake shook Bali

Bali Island, in Klungkung Regency to be exact, was shaken by an earthquake with the power of 5,1 richter scale on Thursday morning, May 17th 2018, on 05:48 a.m local time.

The earthquake came from the depth of 10 kilometers. The location of the center was 256 kilometers to the southwest of Klungkung. Fortunately, the earthquake did not cause any damage or victim.

The head of Disaster Management Agency of Klungkung region, Putu Widiada said, after surveying the coast area of Negari and Tegal Besar, it was found that the civilians there did not feel any shake. Meanwhile, the people in the region of Banjarangkan District and Banjarangkan Village said that they could feel the earthquake.

“This time, there are those who felt the earthquake and those who did not,” he explained.

So far, there was no impact caused by the earthquake. “There is no a casualty or damage to the structure,” he said.

“From the observation until 08:45 a.m. Central Indonesian Time, our side has not found any damage, nor have the civilians reported anything about it. Generally, there is zero impact and the civilians resume their activity like normal.”


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