Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

This restaurant is developing virtual food technology to attract more consumers


IllustrationIllustration - All restaurants would want to attract as many consumers as possible, the presence of technology and social media for the promotion. Now comes the technology of 'Virtual Food ', which created specifically to be shared on social media networks.

Now many fast food outlets are developing their virtual foods to attract more consumers. The virtual food itself is similar in concept to Sampuru. Miniature of Japanese food made from plastic, and usually used as display in many Japanese restaurants.

Reported by Fortune, on May 15th 2018, how to use virtual food is quite easy. Consumers just need to direct their camera to the menu, then the food image like hamburger and slices of pizza with cheese will appear to the phone screen automatically. Then this photo can be shared to social media accounts like Snapchat or Instagram.

Even for consumers who use apps like Google Lens or Apple's ARkit, will get 3D food shots on their phone.

These restaurants continue to test this virtual reality technology. This actually arises because social media in the millennium era has a very important role, as a platform to promote their restaurant. Moreover, the millennials, spend most of their budget to eat at restaurants. In addition, the tag 'Food' or something related to food, still rule the interests of Instagram users.

Not only that, many restaurants are beginning to incorporate the technology into their system. Like a restaurant operated with robotic technology, to incorporate AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology or artificial intelligence systems.


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