Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Australian policeman "adopted" a baby kangaroo


Scott Mason and his new family memberScott Mason and his new family member

The policeman accepted in his family a kangaroo, left without a mother.

The Australian policeman "adopted" a baby kangaroo whose mother was found dead, "People" reports.

It is known that the cub was found on one of the roads, he was lying in a bag of a dead mother. According to local authorities, mother-kangaroo was shot down and left to die. 
The cub was taken out of the bag and brought to one of the local police stations.

By a lucky chance on this day in the service there was a policeman Scott Mason, an animal lover and a former paramedic. He immediately fell in love with an orphan and wanted to take him home, despite the fact that more recently his wife had given birth to a child.

"He needs to be fed every three hours, so he will be my little child." Now my wife is in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, has her newborn, and I have mine own", - Scott Mason said in a commentary to the publication.

At present, the kangaroo cub is being rehabilitated and is getting used to its new home. He uses the policeman's shirt like a bag, constantly gets to him in his bosom and sits not protruding. Mason carefully takes care of his new "child", feeds him and pours, and also goes with him for walks.

In the future, Mason hopes to open a rescue center for wild animals.


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