Thursday, 23 May 2019

Indonesia rejects the new scoring system in badminton set by BWF


IllustrationIllustration - There is a discourse of applying a new scoring system in badminton. Indonesia along with several other Asian countries rejected the proposal. Previously, World Badminton Federation (BWF) planned to change the score system in badminton games, from 21 x 3 games to 11 x 5 games.

The proposal got rejected by Indonesia. Indonesia, through PP PBSI, will submit the rejection in the BWF Annual General Meeting (AGM) which took place in Bangkok on Saturday, May 19th 2018.

"Indonesia rejects the policy because we want to keep badminton attractive to the audience as well as businessmen because with score 11, the match will likely be shorter and the audience will feel the loss" said Achmad Budiharto, Secretary General of PP PBSI, in a press release.

"Another reason is because our players already enjoy the current system, if there is something change, it is quite burden because they have to adapt again" continued Budiharto.

In addition to the scoring system, discourse changes in athlete's assistance will also be discussed. Where coach only present in the third and fifth game. The service setting discourse will also be specified in the AGM this time. Further decisions will be determined today through voting.


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