Saturday, 25 May 2019

North Korea explained the refusal of Trump to meet with Kim Jong Eun


US President Donald Trump and DPRK leader Kim Jong-EunUS President Donald Trump and DPRK leader Kim Jong-Eun - North Korea "regrets very much" about the sudden reversal of US President Donald Tamp's summit with Kim Jong-Eun and believes that the American leader took such a decision "because of lack of will or lack of self-confidence." Such a statement was published by the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (CTC) on May 25.

One of the reasons is the "hostility" on the part of the DPRK. Washington was outraged by the latest statement by Deputy Foreign Minister of North Korea Choe Sung Hee, in which she called the stupid US Vice President Mike Pence, who allowed the implementation of the "Libyan scenario" in relations between the two countries. According to Pyongyang, "the "great anger and frank feelings of enmity" that President Trump said about are in fact just a rebuff caused by the excessive behavior of the United States."

In addition, the DPRK expressed its readiness "at any time and by any means to resolve the issue while sitting at the same table," noting that North Korea's goal and will is to do everything possible for the peace and stability of the Korean peninsula.

Pyongyang "in his heart highly appreciated President Trump for having made a decision, which in past times, no US president dared to go", - the report said. However, the one-sided cancellation of the meeting was a surprise for the country, which the government "very much regrets".

On May 24, US President Donald Trump announced his refusal to meet with DPRK leader Kim Jong-Eun, which was tentatively scheduled for June 12 in Singapore.

On the agreement on the meeting with Kim Jong-Eun Trump announced on May 10. Negotiations on holding the summit were held from the beginning of April, in preparation for the event, North Korea fulfilled certain conditions, in particular, released three US citizens from prison.


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