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Facts about Kyrgyzstan, an Asian country that is rarely mentioned


KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan - Kyrgyzstan, or known formally as the Kyrgyz Republic, is a country or state in Central Asia. It is bordered by lands and mountainous areas. Not many people know about this country so they do not know what to expect when visiting this country of meeting its people. Here are some facts about Kyrgyzstan that you may want to know.

1.       Tea

Kyrgyzstan people love drinking tea. It is almost like tea is replacing drinking water for them. They will drink much tea when it is time to eat.

2.       Tip for servant

It is not common to give tip in Kyrgyzstan. However, many restaurant gave 10% service cost to the bill automatically.

3.       Islamic influence

Majority of people in Kyrgyzstan are Muslim. However, you will not see much Islamic influence when walking around the city due to the country’s Soviet history. However, after communism disappeared, Islam started to influence it again.

4.       Hand shake

Hand shake is very important for Kyrgyzstan people. Male friends often shake hands with each other. However, it is not the same for male with female.

5.       Hygiene

Kyrgyzstan people really care about hygiene. You always have to take off your shoes before entering the house.

6.       Street lamp

Kyrgyzstan is generally a safe country, but the streets have no lamp posts. Even in its capital city, Bishkek, streets are dark with nothing to light them during the night.

7.       Environmentally friendly

Bishkek is the more green and nature-friendly city in the republic of old Soviet, maybe even in the world. The majority of street in Bishkek is wide and full with trees and bushes.

8.       Manas

Manas is a soldier and hero that united Kyrgyzstan. His name is shown everywhere, from street, statue, university, radio station, to national park. He was buried in Mount Ala Too, southwest of Talas. There is also Manas Orod, a historical park and museum that is built to honor him.


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