Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Night striptease: experts explained why you should sleep without clothes


IllustrationIllustration - Sleeping in the nude is much more useful than in pajamas. This conclusion was made by American specialists from the National Center for Sleep Research.

According to their data, the human body in order to sink into a healthy sleep, must cool properly at night. However, pajamas heat the body, which leads to intermittent, restless sleep. "A rise of temperature in body even 0.4 degrees leads to a spill, preventing a person from moving into the deep stage of sleep", - the “Daily Mail» writes.

"Even the slightest cooling of the skin helps people get into a much deeper sleep", - the study said. Experts say that "naked sleep" is especially important for the elderly, who often have problems with falling asleep.

In addition to a beneficial effect on the nervous system, "naked sleep" helps to cleanse the skin and prevents the development of fungal diseases, and helps burn excess calories. "If your sleep is interrupted, your body automatically produces an additional level of cortisol, which increases appetite the next day", - the scientists explain.

In addition, sleep in pajamas provokes the development of fungal infections, especially in women who are accustomed to sleeping in underwear or pajamas. "The warm and humid environment, which is formed from the constant wearing of clothes, stimulates the growth of bacteria and fungi", - the experts explain. Waiver of pajamas is a good way to prevent various diseases, for example, yeast infection, experts say.

However, men should also think about sleeping in a negligee: the colder in bed, the higher the chance of conceiving healthy children.


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