Thursday, 23 May 2019

It turn out, the clothes that you used reveal your personality


Tight clothesTight clothes -  Did you know that your clothes reveal about your personality, your ambitions, your type of employment, your emotions and even your spending habits ?

May you must check your wardrobe, because it says a lot about you.

Are you an-always-black person ?

Or someone who loves all summery, bright colours? 

So, here's a look at what different types of clothing reveals about your personality.

1. Bright colours
If you love wearing bright colours like yellow, orange and red, you are a trend setter. Your personality is charming and you are approachable and friendly, because these colours bespeak positivity and comfort.

2. Classic black and greys
If you're someone who loves wearing classic shades such as black, shades of grey and even navy blue, it's mean you are well groomed. You have a sharp personality and often come across as someone who is sophisticated, mannered and very well organized in life.

3. Abstract prints
If you love your dresses with prints such as numbers, chants, geometry, it's mean you are bold. You always speak your mind and don't like being told every little thing. 
You love to express your individuality and are likely to be very creative and expressive.

4. All from designer
If you love dressing yourself from head to toe in designer apparel, it can indicate a serious issue you have with your self-image. 

You may want people to look at you highly because you have the financial capacity and not because you are a beautiful person inside. 

Before labelling yourself for others, you must try to come off as the real person you are.

5. Loose clothes
If you don't like wearing clothes that fit too tightly, you are more open minded than those who wear tight-fitting clothes. You are less conservative in your approach and often come across as one who possesses liberal thinking.

6. Tight clothes
If you are the one who like to wear tight clothes, you are likely to be conservative in your approach. You probably are narrow minded and stay within the socially defined norms.



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