Thursday, 23 May 2019

Sex robots for real life will go on sale sooner as you think


Maybe- yes, maybe- no: And what about you? Do you want to exchange your partner?Maybe- yes, maybe- no: And what about you? Do you want to exchange your partner? -   In the near future in the world there will be lover or married couples, which one of the partners is a robot. 

Such forecasts are made by experts, after studying novelties in the field of technologies for sexual pleasures.

In this year, robots with fully functioning genitals will go on sale. Such "toys" will cost about USD 16 thousand, wrote by The Mirror.

The next generation of adult dolls will have hyper-realistic, previously unknown functions. 

They will be equipped with internal heaters that will make their body temperature "human", as well as sensors that react to touch.

The development of sex robots deals with the California company "Abyss Creations". Its founder, Matt McMullen wants, that people develop emotional attachment not only to robots, but to their merits, so it will be something like a love for some creature.

Researchers of the relationship of man with robots do not doubt that these creations will have a colossal influence on our future.

Earlier Futurologist Ayan Pearson said, that in the coming years, women will replace their usual sexual partners with robots. Pearson devoted a whole study to this issue and concluded, that by 2050 intimate relationships with robots for women would become as commonplace, as today it’s considered viewing porn.

Thanks to new developments, pleasure machines survived a second birth, - experts are sure. And in this connection people increasingly began to treat their secret fantasies to soulless machines.




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