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In this place, Lailatul Qadr night has happened, a light beam came down from the sky


Pondok Pesantren Darud Dakwah Wal Irsyad (DDI) MangkosoPondok Pesantren Darud Dakwah Wal Irsyad (DDI) Mangkoso - The real story happened that has been told from generation in pesantren Darud Dakwah Wal Irsyad (DDI) Mangkoso, Soppeng Riaja Sub-district, Barru Regency, South Sulawesi.

The real story experienced by Anre Gurutta Haji (AGH) Abdurrahman Ambo Dalle, founder of DDI witnessed by local people. When that time Anre Gurutta Haji (AGH) Ambo Dalle at Mangkoso Mosque in midnight, right on the 27th night of Ramadan.

A beam of bright light suddenly descended from the sky. The light shimmered in the darkness of the night, knowing that Mangkoso had not been electrified yet, entered the mosque by the roof.

AGH Ambo Dalle was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the mosque, suddenly surrounded by seven light blobs. The mosque was brightly lit. A number of local residents who witnessed the event ran to the mosque for thinking the mosque was on fire. When the villager arrived, the light slowly drifted toward AGH Ambo Dalle's residence, about 50 meters from the mosque. The incident occurred 77 years ago, the 27th night of Ramadan, 1939 AD.

AGH Ambo Dalle was getting the Lailatul Qadar event in the first year of the Madrasah Arabiah Islamiyah (MAI) Mangkoso Madrasah cultivation, later renamed Darud Dakwah Wal Irsyad (DDI) at the ulama meeting in Soppeng.

Mosque place which occupied AGH Ambo Dalle when he got Lailatul Qadar, it is now named Jami 'Addariah mosque in Komplek Pondok Pesantren DDI Mangkoso.

The board of DDI Mangkoso Boarding School, Ahmad Rasyid Amberi Said a few years ago, once said, "The extraordinary spiritual event was marked by a beam of light that fills every corner of the mosque. Mangkoso people who happened to be awake that night thought that the mosque was on fire"

To commemorate the event, four tiles in the center of the Jami 'Addariah Mosque were stuck without a mixture of cement. "This is where Gurutta sat when he got Lailatul Qadar" explained one of the pilgrims.

Some residents of Mangkoso, who lived in those days, say, a few days of water wells at AGH Ambo Dalle's house tasted sweet.

AGH Ambo Dalle moved to Mangkoso from Sengkang to develop a study in Soppeng Riaja at the request of many times Datu Soppeng Riaja, Andi Yusuf Dagong Petta Soppeng.

Sebagian warga Mangkoso, yang hidup di masa itu, mengatakan, beberapa hari air sumur di rumah AGH Ambo Dalle terasa manis dan lezat airnya setelah peristiwa itu.


AGH Ambo Dalle hijrah ke Mangkoso dari Sengkang untuk mengembangkan pengajian di Soppeng Riaja atas permintaan berkali-kali Datu Soppeng Riaja, Andi Yusuf Dagong Petta Soppeng.


The first lecture conducted at Mangkoso mosque on Wednesday 29th Syawal 1357 H or December 21st 1938 M.

Since then Mangkoso is known as the city of 'pangngaji'. Nicknamed a quiet place, the inhabitants live in peace. There is no thief ever existed in there. In fact, if any of the people commit adultery, Gurutta immediately notified.

He then told the community that the person was expelled from the village.

Gurutta requested that the old traditions of society contrary to the teachings of Islam, such as glorifying the stones of graves and large trees immediately stopped.

Gurutta even ordered that the tombstones that had been dismantled into the foundation of the road to be trodden by the community to show that the stones have no meaning.

During the reign of Arung Peta Cowa, he maintained the tradition. But before breathing his last breath, Petta Cowa ordered that the practice containing the element of khurafat was immediately stopped.


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