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All about Hui, Muslim ethnic group in China that you must know


Hui groupHui group - There are many Muslim people that are spread around China. Among them are Hui people.

Hui is a group of people that exists in almost every part of China, although their autonomous region is in Ningxia. 

There are around 11 thousands of them. Hui is the biggest Muslim ethnic group in China after Uighur.

A village for Hui people in Ningxia was established by the government in 2007. The place is also called “Wuzhong Muslim New Village.” 

Ningxia itself is 66.400 meter square in size and winter lasts longer there, around 6 months every year.

In 1990s, there was a problem between Hui people and Uighur people. Back then, Uighur people felt marginalized due to their inability to speak Mandarin language. 

On the other hand, Hui people could speak Mandarin and communicate with Han, another Muslim group.

During the era of Qing Dynasty, Muslim people in China were oppressed, Hui people being among them. They were forbidden from building mosques.

After Qing Dinasty was over, it was replaced by another cruel regime by Mao Ze Dong. Their places of worship were destroyed and some of them were killed viciously.

In the present Hui and Uighur are in good terms. They live in a safe and peaceful condition. The women are all wearing hijab. Hui people are known to be kind and friendly to tourists. They even let people stay in their houses, no matter what their race or religion is.

However, while they can speak Mandarin and Arabic, Hui people cannot speak English. When they cannot communicate with tourist, an interpreter is needed.

Other than Hui and Uighur, there are around 8 other Muslim ethnic groups in China. All of them are kind and faithful.


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