Saturday, 25 May 2019

Valentino Rossi was accompanied with 24 years old model in the Italy MotoGP yesterday


Francesca Sofia NovelloFrancesca Sofia Novello - Just like the previous motogp event, motogp event that took place in Italy on Sunday, June 3rd 2018 also present a woman who accompany the riders. So who is the woman accompany Valentino Rossi.

Finally revealed, Valentino Rossi who after so long being single, yesterday brought a woman who looks shy and continued to stick with him.

Once traced, the woman named Francesca Sofia Novello, an Italian top model with the age of 24 years old. Who is currently close to Valentino Rossi.

From the beginning of the MotoGP session, Novello was seen in the Rossi paddock and not doing much activity. She was seen just watching and seeing Rossi and the crew team busy working.

But on the sidelines of time, Rossi also often came to her, even when celebrating the victory with the friends and the Yamaha team for reaching the poll position and got the third rank.

Novello and Rossi are rumored to have a relationship since late 2017. But the intimate photos of both new look at MotoGP Italy this weekend.


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