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Five bikini contests that led to controversies in the world


Bikini contest in ChinaBikini contest in China - At this time, bikini contests have faced a lot of criticism and public outrage overtime for various reasons. Many people says a bikini contest not in accordance with the norm of decency.

And this is some bikini contests that led to controversies in the world.


1. Bikini contest in China
A Chinese beauty pageant faced public outrage when they hosted a pageant for young girls aged 3 until 12 years. 

This contest created controversy, because in fact that the young girls were wearing bikinis while walking on the ramp in front of an audience with heavy make-up, huge feathered wings, and a bikini. 

Some concerned viewers said that this could be a boon for pedophilia, because several children are unaware about what constitutes sexual harassment.


2. Miss Reef Chile 2017 

Miss Reef Chile 2017 pageant staged in the city of Los Andes featured 10 beauties who were judged on their butt.  Angry feminists claimed that the beauty contest treated woman as objects. 


3. Vietnamese  airline, VietJet
Vietnamese budget airline VietJet faced outrage for their marketing stunt that was considered too sexist by several people. 

The airline had five contestants from a local beauty pageant and perform a number of fashion shows in the mid-air. The models featuring their swimsuits and walking down in the aisle. Now, the airline was fined 20 million dong for risking air safety.


4. Miss Tibet 

This pageant had caused fury after contestants must stripped down to their bikinis.  The organizers of the pageant faced a huge backlash after they said  the bikini parade is their aim for young Tibetan women to be seen beyond their culture.

As we known, Tibetan culture is conservative and women are looked down.


5. A competition to recruit young women

When the Temelin Power Station in the Czech Republic launched a competition to recruit young women based solely on their bikini bodies, it led to a huge public fury. 

At least, 10 female candidates were selected and a photoshoot was conducted which was later posted online, with fans asked to vote for the hottest woman to get the internship job. 

 The plant later apologized to those offended by the contest.








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