Thursday, 23 May 2019

Ten reasons why smartphones may be more harmful


Image for representationImage for representation -  Nowadays, smartphones have become an important part of our lives. We seldom find ourself without smartphone, because it have made our life so much easier.  But, smartphones sometimes also spending too much time, that may actually turn out to be harmful to you and your surrounding environment.

Here, ten harmful of smartphones that you must know :


1.  Cause anxiety and increased stress
Beside cancer, smartphones also cause a variety of health issues. From a study, it have been found to increase anxiety and mental stress in teens cause of smartphone. 
And mobile radiations may also cause learning disabilities and lowered IQ in infants, according to some reports.

2.  Radio waves from smartphones also cause of tumours 
Mobile phones generate radio waves. And several studies have suggested that though low frequency radio waves aren’t harmful to humans, but over exposure to them may lead to tumours in the body.

3. Making us go out less
Children no longer go out to play cricket or any other sport, instead they stay at home playing games on their phones. Lack of exercise causes several health issues.

4. Phones may be a threat to people with implants
Mobile phones can be fatal for people with implants. They are advised to keep mobiles away from the spot where the implant is lodged as a precautionary measure.

5. Affects your eyes
Teenagers often stay up late at night watching movies or chatting on their phones. This long exposure to the glare coming off the mobile screen can be damaging to the eyes. This also affects sleep cycle leading to fatigue and sleepiness.

6. Decreased of productivity
Getting too engaged with mobile phones adversely affects productivity, because they tend to check our messages, instead of completing our assignment.

7.  Increasing accidents on the road
We often see signs warning us from using mobile phones while driving or crossing the road. But they are often overlooked and they are still use phones while on the road. This diverted attention are often result in fatal road accidents.


8. Changing how we communicate
Smartphones have pretty much killed face-to-face interactions. We can see now, many people were glued to their smartphones during a family event or having dinner. Or in a party with friends, turns into a bunch of people engrossed on their phones.


9. Security at risk
Parents often give a mobile phone to their children to keep a tab on them. But the social media addiction makes them put their personal information out for the entire world to see. This information is used to bully and threaten people over the internet. Cyber crime is becoming a serious issue.

10. More electronic waste
Companies are releasing new phones into the market faster than the older models are becoming outdated. This drives people to exchange their old phones with new ones. This results in the generation of e-waste, leading to a possibility of toxic heavy metals like mercury and cadmium leaking into underground water.



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