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These are the rare food item that most of people are looking for, one of them is common in Indonesia


ManggosteenManggosteen - Exotic food, although hard to find, is what most people are looking for. The rarity of the food is what makes it valuable, because when you find it, it will be rewarding. Among rare foods that many people are searching for are as follow.

1.       Ice salt

The name comes from the fact that the salt looks like snowflakes. The salt can only be found in the white desert of Egypt. The texture is soft and dry, making it perfect for dishes and decorations. This salt is only sold in Space Mountain shop in England. According to Space Mountain, the salt was found by Bedouin man and his son.

2.       Kobe beef

This beef is known to be very expensive. It comes from special cow that is raised with strict rules, with diet consisting of seeds and expensive beer. What makes it unique is its appearance that looks like marble, containing a lot of fat. This makes the meat very tender and tasty.

3.       Almas caviar

It is a kind of expensive caviar with a color that is more whitish. It comes from rare sturgeon albino which needs 20 years to produce eggs. The fish can only be found around South Caspian Sea.

4.       Swallow nest soup

This food is rare, nutritious and is said to have medicinal qualities. It is also said to be able to make your skin shine. It is not easy to get it, because it comes from a swallow’s spit that it uses to make its nest.

5.       Mangosteen

Although in Indonesia, this fruit is not hard to find, it is not the case in other places in the world. It contains vitamin C and low calories so it is good for our health.

6.       Haggis

Known as Scottish national dish, it is made from sheep’s heart, lungs, and liver, cooked with onion, oat and other spices, then put inside sheep’s stomach. It is considered good for health as it contains a lot of iron and fibers.


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