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The story of Kate Spade, from a journalist became renowned accessories designer in the world


Kate SpadeKate Spade - On Wednesday, June 5 2018, an American fashion designer Kate Spade has found dead at her apartment in New York.

As quoted from US press, the exact cause of death is not known, but she was found hanging. She was pronounced dead at 10.26 am.

According to officials that makes an investigation, she had left a note. And police said that her husband, Andy Spade, was at the scene but it has not been made clear where her daughter was at the time. 

Kate Spade became famous for her luxury handbags and other fashion accessories through her company Kate Spade Handbags, which she launched with her husband. Her brand became popular for its bright designs.

So, who is Kate Spade ?

Kate Spade was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on December 24 1962. She graduated with a degree in journalism from Arizona State University.

After graduated, she started to working for women’s magazine named Mademoiselle. 
She worked for many years and she met with future husband, Andy Spade. In 1991, she became senior fashion editor before leaving the magazine. 

In 1994, she married with Andy Spade.

Alongside her husband she started to launched handbags with brand Kate Spade , which focus to the production of stylish handbags. 

She later started producing other fashion items such as clothes and jewelry. Kate then sold the company in 2007 and went on to co-found Frances Valentine ( a brand with her daughter name) which produces handbags and footwear.




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