Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Characteristic of classy lady which you should know for yourself


IllustrationIllustration - “Be a girl with a mind, a woman with an attitude and a lady with a class.” Many women may have heard of this quote and tried to apply it in their lives. Many people picture a classy woman as a princess, queen or someone born with royal or blue blood. However, that is not the case. Even ordinary woman can have a characteristic of a classy woman.


1.       Always speaks politely
A classy woman realizes that the way she speaks represents herself. Therefore, she is always careful with her words and speaks politely with anyone in any condition.


2.       Always acts politely
A classy woman does not only speak carefully but also acts carefully. They are always acting politely to other people, which makes them able to adjust better to the situation.


3.       Always dresses neatly and decently
A classy woman knows how to dress herself. The cost does not matter. The most important thing is it is neat, clean and decent, and fits the context. They believe that your clothes represent who you are.


4.       Cares about intelligence
Not only her appearance, a classy woman also cares about her intelligence. They like to learn about new things. The more things they learn, the easier they are in building relation with other people.


5.       Does not hesitate in helping others
Another characteristic of a classy woman is that she does not hesitate in helping others. She does it not to show off, but because she knows how life works and knows that humans cannot live without helping each other.


6.       Highly confident
Last but not least, she has high confidence. She knows and believes that she is a classy woman. They do it not because it is what expected from them, but because it is who they are.


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