Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Lovers to whistle after women, will be punished


Lovers to whistle after women, will be punishedLovers to whistle after women, will be punished - In France has been passed new law, according to which those who show undesirable
signs of attention to the opposite sex will be punished with a fine of up to 750 euros (about
55 thousand rubles). This is reported by «France 24».
According to the President of the country Emmanuel Macron, the law is aimed at ensuring
that "women feel safe". A fine of 90 to 750 euros will be punished representatives of any
gender who allow themselves to whistle afterwards, release comments with sexual
overtones or sexually harass.
Critics of the new law thought that this would put an end to the so-called «French
romance». "Such a measure is a witch-hunt, only instead witches are men", - said ultra-
right-wing politician Emmanuel Menard. However, the Minister for Gender Equality of the
country Marlen Schiappa noted that the law is not intended to deprive citizens of the
opportunity to flirt and "kill the image of a French lover", but to give women the opportunity
to calmly agree or reject courtship.
In the autumn of last year, a blacklist was reported, in which men appear - staff members
and deputies prone to sexual harassment. The document does not exist in written form,
but the names are passed orally between women, so that they know, with whom from male
colleagues is it better don’t stay alone.


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