Thursday, 23 May 2019

Famous fashion brands stopped to use mohair products because of animal cruelty


Angora goatAngora goat - After high-end brands such as Gucci and Versace, the anti-fuzz movement now extends to high-street brands. Fashion Retailer Forever 21 announced that they will now stop selling clothing made from mohair.

This commitment is made to fight the cruelty of animals, whose furs are often used for clothes. Mohair is an angora goat fur and this material is widely used to make clothes such as sweaters and other knitted materials.

Forever 21 followed the footsteps of other high-street brands such as Topshop, GAP, Old Navy, Zara and H& M who have earlier refused to use of mohair in their collection. They decided together to stop the use of mohair in May 2018, after PETA released a videotape that revealed the cruelty of the mohair industry against angora goats.

This movement is called 'Breaking Victory', whose goal is to encourage fashion labels and retailers to care more about animal rights by not using materials originated from fur. PETA welcomed the decision of retailers from Los Angeles, California.

"This is because YOU told them to no longer use it (mohair) after watching what PETA disclosed" PETA wrote in a statement, as quoted by Live Kindly.

Mohair is favored in the fashion industry because of its silky texture, but the price of production is cheaper. Made from Angora goat fur, more than half the world's mohair supply comes from South Africa.

PETA has visited a number of farms in South Africa and found Angora goats to go through torture because their fur was trimmed with force.


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