Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Argentina refuses to play in a friendly match with Israel because of the killing spree done by Israel to Palestinian


The billboard that showed that Jerusalem is a Palestine capitalThe billboard that showed that Jerusalem is a Palestine capital - Wednesday, June 6th, 2018, the Palestinian Football Association welcomes the decision of Argentina's national team to cancel their friendly match with Israel. As is known Argentina national team canceled due to political pressure on the Israeli government's treatment of the citizens of Gaza, Palestine.

"Values, morale, and sport have won today and the red card was handed to Israel through the cancellation of the match" Palestinian Football Association chairman Jibril Rajoub was quoted as saying to Reuters news agency.

As quoted by BBCIndonesia, activist group Avaaz, who previously called for the match to be canceled, said the cancellation was a "courageous ethical decision".

"This proves Argentina understands that there is no such thing as friendship if playing in Jerusalem, where just a few miles away the Israeli snipers are firing on unarmed protestors" said Alice Jay, campaign director of Avaaz.

Earlier the striker of Argentina national team, Gonzalo Higuain, said welcomed the cancellation.

"They're finally doing the right thing" Higuain told the sports channel, ESPN.

The cancellation was also reported in a number of media in Argentina. However, so far there has been no official statement from the Israeli Football Association.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reported to have called Argentine President, Mauricio Macri to persuade Lionel Messi and his friends to stay in Jerusalem on Saturday, June 9th.

The news is warmly welcomed by Palestinians in Gaza - the city where the killing of 120 Palestinians by Israeli forces took place during a rally some time ago.


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