Rain has rejects to played in X-Men movie


Rain has rejects to played in X-Men movieRain has rejects to played in X-Men movie - Rain has rejected the offer of a Hollywood movie. It was revealed by Lee Beom Soo while attending an interview about his latest film titled Uhm Bok Dong.

During the interview, Leo Beom Sum said that Kim Tae Hee's husband refused to play in X-Men movie.

But, Rain chose to play in the movie Uhm Bok Dong.

"Rain was actually offered a role for the X-Men movie, and the production house asked him to start filming in July 2017 but he choose to join in film of Uhm Bok Dong. This film will ended in August 2017, " said Lee Beom Sum.

Decisions of Rain to joined and played in Uhm Bok Dong, were greatly appreciated by Lee.

Because, as we known Rain is a figure who holds the promise.

"I was impressed with him and he continued to have filming with us, I am very grateful for his decision," he said.



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