Thursday, 23 May 2019

Did you know that used braces will makes you get cancer in 20 years?


Image for representationImage for representation -  Nowadays, many people use braces to repair the shape of their tooth. 

Some people want better teeth, but some find it fashionable. 

But did you know that the braces can harm you it you used it for too long? 

Why ?

Because it have various metals like iron and nickel which are harmful to our health. According to researchers, having any metal in our mouth can cause pain in the jaws, tissue damage in our mouth, having open sores can be infectious too.

According to scientists from the Faculty of Odontology from the University of Buenos Aires said that using braces for too long can cause fatal consequences.

Like the case of a 31-year-old patient was whining of a severe pain in his mouth that causes him to go to the dental emergency room, there, they found out that he was experiencing a strange osteosarcoma, a kind of cancerous tumor in the jaw.

The doctors were surprised and they find out a deformation on the man's teeth, his loose or fixed teeth felt severe pain. 

They also find many pieces of metals in the tumor, this metal was suspected to be part of dental braces because it is very common in the manufacture of dental braces.

Unluckily, the cure for this patient wasn't successful because cancer spread all over his mouth, but this case just helps the doctors to began to conduct more researches for this case. 

It proves a conclusion that it is not healthy to wear dental braces for too long and be must sure to keep watching our diet to guarantee that these metals are in a good condition.



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