Thursday, 23 May 2019

Instagram finally allows the long duration video on this platform


IllustrationIllustration - Details about the long-duration video feature on Instagram finally unfold. Apparently, this feature is an attempt by Instagram to rival features Discover by Snapchat and Youtube that are focused on the original content.

Quoted from TechCrunch, this feature will be a special section that contains scripted shows, music videos and more in vertical orientation, full screen, and high-definition of 4K resolution. To fill the content in this new feature, Instagram is rumored to have met with social media stars and content creators to find out how their existing video channels can be integrated with the Instagram app.

Content creators will only be able to upload previously created videos. So, content creators cannot shoot and post like Instagram posts in general.

Content creators will then earn revenue from advertising, but it is not yet determined how the ad placement method or its revenue distribution. Content creators are also paid for their content as displayed on Facebook Watch.

But each video will be able to include a swipe-up feature that will direct users to sites owned by creators, online shops or ticket sites. With Instagram's user base reaching 800 million users, this feature will be a very useful marketing tool for content creators.

In addition to creator content that has been curated by Instagram, general users will also be able to upload videos longer than the 60 second limit currently in effect. This feature is planned to be introduced to the public on June 20th, but the schedule can still be changed.


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