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Prophet once said that the generation with much of big belly person will always deny their promises and testimony


IllustrationIllustration - The Messenger of Allah once mentioned an age of ugliness. One sign is that many people are overweight. He said: The best people among you are in this generation, then the next generation, then later generations.

Imran bin Hushain, a friend who narrated this hadith, says I do not remember whether the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam mentions two generations after him or three generations.

Then the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam continues his words: Verily after your generation will appear a people who betrayed and can not be trusted, they bear testimony but can not be accounted for their testimony, they promise but deny it, and at that time many people are overweight (HR. Al Bukhari)

In this hadith only mentioned that in those days many people are overweight. It is not explicitly said that obesity is ugly as bad as treachery, fake their testimony and deny their promises.

But we need to reflect, any exaggeration is a bad thing. Fat is good, but when it's overweight, it becomes bad. At least in terms of health.

In the days of friends of prophet there are also people who are overweight, but the number is not much. One of them had met with Umar bin Khattab radhiyallahu anhu.

Why is your stomach big like this?, Asked Umar bin Khattab as he passed him on a street.

This is a gift from God, the man replied.

This is not a gift, but a punishment from Allah! said Umar, Hi all man, avoid having big belly. Because it makes you lazy to perform prayers, damage your organs and cause many diseases. Eat enough. In order for you to enter the spirit of prayer, avoid the extravagant nature, and more vigorous to worship to God.

Imam Syafii gave his advice about obesity, There would be no luck for fat people, except Muhammad bin Hasan Asy-Syaibany.

Then someone asks, Why is that Imam? Because a rational person can not be separated from two things; busy thinking about his afterlife affairs or his world affairs, while obesity does not happen if many thoughts. If one does not think of his afterlife or his world means he is the same as the animal.

That is what ever Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam ever mentioned the best generation of his generation, then the next generation, and later generations again.


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