Thursday, 23 May 2019

The habit of going to bed late reduces life expectancy


At what time are you going to sleep today?At what time are you going to sleep today? - Scientists from several British universities set out to find out how the nature of daily activity affects the life span. For 6.5 years, information was gathered about almost half a million people aged 38 to 73 years.
English experts believe that lovers of nightlife risk to die earlier than those who prefer early recovery. This was stated by the professor of neurology at the School of Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Northwestern University Kristen Knutson, reports «Sciencedaily».
Lack of sleep has harmful effect on human health. Those people who like to get closer to
dinner are much more likely to get sick. This is due to the fact that the body is stressed.
It was found that those who used to go to bed late, died 10 percent more often than those
who go to bed early. In addition, the "owls" have been identified and various health
problems. It is worth noting that those larks that suffered from similar diseases had a
longer life expectancy.
There is one important clarification. In this study, "owls" scientists called those who go to
bed not when they want, but at a later time.Technological progress, in their opinion, greatly reduces daily rhythms. Thus, it can be concluded that those who live not by their internal clock, but by circumstances, suffer from health problems.
On the other hand, the duration of sleep is most directly related to biological clocks, and it depends quite strongly on genes.


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