Thursday, 23 May 2019

In WhatsApp will appear new functions


In WhatsApp will appear  new functionsIn WhatsApp will appear new functions - Soon, WhatsApp users will be able to take advantage of new useful features if necessary:
1. It will be possible to recover deleted files within two months, informs "WABetaInfo".
Messenger developers are testing a new feature: images, videos, documents and voice messages from users will be stored on the server. After removal from the phone, they can be restored within two months. Personal data of users will be protected by end-to-end encryption. Previously, a multimedia file was automatically deleted after 30 days.

2. In App stores for applications for smartphones App Store and Google Play will appear Chatwatch application. In its description it is indicated that the purpose of the application is to monitor the online and offline activity of any WhatsApp user and to find out how long he uses the messenger. Chatwatch is able to analyze the data received and suggest which contacts communicate with each other or at what time they go to bed. The user who receives this application will be able to follow the "WhatsApp-life" of one of his contacts within a week. This application works even if they disable the function of showing the time of the last visit. The principles of his work were told by "LifeHacker". Quite soon after Chatwatch went online, it was removed in the App Store, but many users managed to install it on their smartphones. The Google Play app is still freely available.


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