Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Story of a woman who gives a birth at the same day as her final exam


Briana Williams and her childBriana Williams and her child - Graduating from Harvard University in law major is certainly something to be proud of. Especially for those who have unusual conditions or background. Like Briana Williams, a single mother who is only 24 years old. The mother of one child also shared her inspirational success stories on Instagram and now is going viral.

Briana was still studying to become a lawyer when she was pregnant with her first child. Moreover, the woman from the United States had to take the final exam on the same day as she gave birth in April 2017. But fortunately Briana did not lose hope and try to do both.

"I immediately asked for an epidural so my contractions would not interfere, I told myself that this is the last year of law school, with a baby boy, and as a single mom, it's a challenge" Briana told AOL.

Taking college while taking care of a baby is certainly not an easy thing. It took strong mental and motivation for Briana to be able to perform her role as mother and student. Briana's persistent demeanor is done not only for the child and herself but for women.

"There are many days where I can get depressed because I felt so overwhelmed and let the stress of what I am trying to do annoyed me, and I should do what I have to do, no matter what I feel inside because I do not want people to say I have to choose between being a mother or a success" says Briana.

With all the challenges she faced Briana finally graduated from Harvard Law School. At graduation, she brought the little guy, Evelyn, as a witness and proof of her success. Both appeared matching with a graduation suit.


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